About the Candidate

Rebecca Tucker and her wife of 17 years, Stephanie, live in New Berlin, Texas, with immediate family living nearby in San Antonio. While Stephanie is native to San Antonio, Rebecca grew up as one of three girls in a small Maryland town just outside of Washington D.C. Her mother was a Birmingham, Alabama transplant to Maryland while her father, the son of an Argentinian immigrant, grew up in Baltimore. It was, in fact, her father’s story of growing up with very little, working several jobs to afford an education, and then working for the government before finally launching his own successful business that solidified Rebecca’s belief in the truth and achievability of the American Dream.

Rebecca started her first job at age 12, writing postcard reminders for a children’s shoe store. She worked part-time through high school, as well as in a work-study program as a grant researcher for a local youth group, aimed at reducing drug usage and suicide among vulnerable youths.  As she graduated college and moved into the field of marketing, Rebecca started her volunteer work through donating marketing efforts to non-profit organizations such as local animals shelters and lgbtq youth groups.

For the past seven years, Rebecca has been working as a global marketing manager for an international business consulting firm in San Antonio, while also serving as a dedicated volunteer in the Guadalupe County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and at the local Humane Society. She recently earned a B.S. in Operational Meteorology in hopes of being of more use as a volunteer with CERT and the county Emergency Management Department. She and her wife often foster orphaned kittens left at the shelter, ensuring they grow up strong and healthy before finding their forever homes.

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